If your company has multiple points of sale, multiple points of appointment or multiple places to operate your business then “Points of Sale” extension is made for you. It allows you to associate your activities with places and manage them independently.


1 activity + 1 location = 1 product

Your customers simply choose their activity places according to their desires or their logistical constraints. But for you, it’s an organization to establish, and a lot of questions you will be able to answer thanks to Points of Sale plugin:

  • Does an activity in two different places have the same presentation on your site?
  • The same price?
  • The same schedule?
  • The same number of places?
  • Should they share their availability?
  • Should I delegate my points of sale management?


You can delegate

Points of Sale add-on allows you and your point of sale managers to manage activities independently for each location. For each of them they will be free to edit the title, description, photos, price, availabilities, the schedule or even their presence on the site. Each manager is responsible for his / her Point of Sale, and absolutely can not modify the points of sale activities parameters that do not belong to them.

Points of Sale plugin includes the “POS Manager” role, which, once assigned to the desired users, will restrict their possibilities.

You will be able to give your POS managers access to your site administration panel without risking bad manipulations and greatly reducing their consequences. Here’s what your point of sale managers are entitled to:

  • Create and edit permitted schedules and activities
  • Link their schedules and activities to their products
  • Edit their points of sale information (description, photos, products available …)
  • Edit their points of sale products information (description, photos, price, …)
  • Create and edit orders
  • Create and edit coupon codes (ex: in order to make compensation in case of dispute)

Your managers will take care of a part of your e-commerce site in full autonomy, which will be extremely favorable to your e-commerce growth, depending on your managers involvement.



Points of Sale works only if WooCommerce is installed and enabled.
Booking Activities functionalities will be active if Booking Activities plugin is also installed and activated.


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1.0.14 - 2020/02/20

  • Fix - Display users of the current blog only in POS managers selectbox on multisite installs

1.0.13 - 2020/01/29

  • Fix - Replace date_i18n by date when not necessary

1.0.12 - 2019/08/18

  • Fix - PHP warnings when adding and removing POS id to all products attributes

1.0.11 - 2019/08/09

  • Fix - Cannot add POS managers and Products in POS edit pages (js not loaded)
  • Fix - PHP error may occur if user roles are not set while activating or deactivating
  • Dev - Replace PHP constant in text domain by a raw string

1.0.10 - 2019/03/01

  • Tweak - Backend javascript and css files are loaded only on BA Point of Sales screens to avoid conflicts
  • Fix - Declare jquery noconflict in header to avoid plugin conflicts
  • Dev - remove tiptip dependency in favor to core jquery-ui-tooltip

1.0.9 - 2018/11/29

  • Tweak - Check BA option to delete all data before uninstall, in order to avoid accidental data deletion

1.0.8 - 2018/09/28

  • Fix - WooCommerce related capabilities were not properly unset after WooCommerce is uninstalled

1.0.7 - 2018/06/30

  • Fix - Load on multisite

1.0.6 - 2018/05/05

  • Booking Activities 1.5.0 support
  • Fix - Clean Booking Activities and WooCommerce related roles and capabilities on uninstall

1.0.5 - 2018/03/09

  • Fix - WooCommerce PHP notice when using function bapos_variation_has_pos_attribute

1.0.4 - 2017/11/27

  • Optimization - JS and CSS files are now versioned to refresh cache only when it is necessary
  • Optimization - JS and CSS files are now minified

1.0.3 - 2017/07/16

  • Fix - Prevent error 500 after update

1.0.2 - 2017/05/13

  • Fix - Fixed auto update notifications still appears after update

1.0.1 - 2017/04/20

  • Fix - WooCommerce 3.0 supported and backward compatibility to WooCommerce 2.6
  • Fix - Fixed add product selectbox not appearing in POS admin pages, even when products were available for POS
  • Fix - Fixed issue where BAPOS scripts where executed before BA scripts
  • Fix - Fixed untranslated \'Trash\'
  • Tweak - The plugin no longer deactivates itself when WooCommerce is deactivated
  • Deleted - Deleted bapos_update_variation_pos_attribute function, replaced with WP core update_post_meta

1.0 - 2017/02/22

  • Points of Sale at your service!