Booking Activities 1.15 – FullCalendar v5

The calendar library used by Booking Activities, FullCalendar, jumps from version 3.10.2 to 5.11.3.

You can expect from this update:

  • A new calendar appearance
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Compatibility with more languages (az, bn, cy, eo, hy-am, km, ku, ne, si-lk, sm, ta-in, ug, uz) (complete list)
  • A modern and futureproof library and API
  • Major changes in JS and CSS code (if not everything)

This last point warrants the major version change: FullCalendar integration has been completely recoded in Booking Activities 1.15.

If you have any javascript or CSS codes affecting the calendar or the events, you will likely need to adapt / remake them.

About your custom code
We cannot provide support for custom code. We understand that this may put you into a tricky situation, we actually spent weeks to remake our own code, but this is a necessary step. Please

  • Make sure that your custom code is still working on a development site before going live.
  • Do not update Booking Activities and its add-ons separately: if you choose to temporarily freeze Booking Activities updates to give you the time to adapt your custom code, you need to freeze its add-ons updates too, and vice versa.
  • For reference, here are FullCalendar’s changes: v4 changes, v5 changes.

Other visual improvements and tweaks were made, such as a new loading animation, refined dialogs and calendar editor interface, better RTL handling, and various fixes.

This is the new loading animation.

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