Calendar editor

  • WYSIWYG editor
    • Create and edit your calendar as it is on the frontend
    • Edit events and instantly see the final result
  • Drag and Drop editor
    • Edit your calendars intuitively by moving your events directly on your calendar
  • Repeated events and exceptions management
    • Easily create repeating events and thus quickly build your calendars for long periods
    • Add exceptions to repeated events to take into account your holidays and public holidays
  • Groups of events
    • Group your events so that your customer book them all at once
    • Easily sell your bundles, subscriptions, seminars, or events spreading on several days


Booking Forms

  • Create fully customized booking forms using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Display events from multiple schedules on the same calendar.
  • Each form is unique: you can display the same schedule in several different ways, within different forms.
  • User login / registration integrated into the form and processed seamlessly at the same time as the booking. Your customers can also log in beforehands, or book without account.
  • Integrate your forms using a shortcode [bookingactivities_form form = "..."] or with a WooCommerce product.
  • One-click booking: Click directly on the desired event on the calendar to select it, then click on the “Book” button.
  • You can allow your customers to pick multiple events of their choice at once.
  • Choose the form action to be triggered when you submit the form, or when you click an event among:
    • Make a reservation
    • Redirect to a URL corresponding to the selected event
    • Add a product to cart according to the selected event
  • Create custom fields (paid or not) thanks to the Avanced Forms add-on


Bookings management

  • View all your bookings on a calendar and in a list
    • Filter your bookings by calendar, activity, event, but also by customer, dates and status
    • Instant bookings preview when you mouseover the event
    • Access any customer and order data from the booking list with a click
    • Many possible actions: confirm, cancel, delete, reschedule, refund, see the WooCommerce order…
  • Your customers can manage their bookings by their own: cancel, reschedule their bookings and ask for a refund
    • Display your customers’ bookings list simply by inserting [bookingactivities_list] shortcode on a page or a post
    • Your customers will find these actions on each line of their orders on their account page, in their order summary, and in their bookings list
    • You can set the number of days before the beginning of the activity after which your customers will no longer be able to change their booking
    • Display your customers’ bookings calendar the same shortcode as booking forms: [bookingactivities_form form="..."], you just need to configure your calendar to display user’s bookings, and remove the other fields
  • Three automatic refund types
    • Request a refund by email to administrator
    • Generate a coupon code of the value of the paid activity
    • Proceed to immediate refund via the payment gateway used for buying (if the gateway supports it)
  • Automatic notifications
    • Automatic emails are sent to both administrator and customer when a booking is made, when its state changes, and when it is rescheduled
    • Make your emails look just as you imagined them thanks to the HTML editor and special tags. You can also choose to deactivate a notification
    • In multilangual sites, emails are sent to your customers in their own language
    • Send booking reminders few days before they happen and send SMS and Push notifications thanks to Notification Pack add-on
  • Export and synchronize
    • Export or sync your bookings as CSV to a spreadsheet app (E.g.: Google Sheet, MS Excel…)
    • Export or sync your bookings as iCal to a calendar app (E.g.: Google Calendar, MS Outlook…). See the booking list in your synced events’ description in Google Calendar directly.


WooCommerce integration

  • Simple and complete WooCommerce integration
    • Bind your booking forms to your products and the desired calendar will automatically appear on the product page
    • Bookings dates and status will be displayed on all order summaries
  • Cart expiration system
    • Your event is temporary booked when you add it to cart
    • Your customer has a limited time to place the order. When the time is up, you can choose between
      • empty complete cart
      • remove only this booking from cart
  • Enjoy all of the WooCommerce benefits
    • Choose from all payment gateways supported by WooCommerce (card, bank transfers, paypal, bank YOUR gateway, stripe, amazon …)
    • Take advantage of the global #1 ecommerce system extensions, support, and updates : WooCommerce


Privilege management

  • Each user can only manage his/her own calendars, booking forms and bookings without ever seeing or being able to manage those of others
  • Use Booking Activities in a marketplace thanks to that system
  • Allow your operators to make orders / bookings for your customers and manage them in a restricted admin panel thanks to the Order for Customers add-on



  • Multi-languages
    • Support WPML and qTranslate-XT
    • Switch from one language to another seamlessly
    • All texts are translated into English and French
      • Possibility to contribute to translate the plugin in your language on request
  • Responsive
    • You can make a reservation, change your schedule or check your reservation list at any time on any device.
    • All plugin displays are responsives (schedules, editor, reservation list, dialog …)
  • Customizable
    • Get access to dozens of customization options for the plugin and calendars thanks to the Display Pack
    • API for developers to modify and extend plugin functionalities or display (via php and javascript actions)
    • All displayed items are easily customizable via CSS or javascript
    • You can customize most of the texts displayed on frontend directly from the plugin settings
  • Support WP tools for privacy
    • Easily export and erase the customers’ private data bound to their bookings


Extend Booking Activities functionalities

You can extend Booking Activities functionalities with the numerous available modules on this page: Add-ons. Simply install the module together with Booking Activities to enjoy it!

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