Display Pack 1.4 – Event info (tooltip) and Flexible Views

Display event info in a tooltip on mouseover, and / or below the calendar on click.
And enjoy new customizable views: the “Flexible” and “Multiple Months” views.


Event information

It is now possible to configure a text to display in a tooltip when the user mouses over an event.

Display tooltip when you mouse over the event

You can configure the delay before the tooltip appears to prevent unwanted display, or even completly disable it.

Set the delay before displaying the tooltip, or disable it

If you select the event, this text will be fixed below the calendar. On touch devices, you will have to select the event to see the information.

It is possible to set a different text for each event / group of events in this way. You can use HTML tags, shortcodes, and specific tags to display data about the event (start date, title, availability…).

Event info are displayed below the calendar when it is selected

Some examples / use cases:
– Display a Google Map to show where the event takes place
– Display the event participant list
– Illustrate the event: images, promotional description…
– Show information about this specific event (e.g.: “Meet the author this day!”)


Customizable views

Set the number of days / months to display on the same view

This new version offers new views with a configurable duration.

New “Flexible” and “Multiple Months” views with configurable duration

Set the number of months to display

You can add:
– a new “Flexible” view (basic, agenda, list) with the desired number of days
– a new monthly view “Multiple Months” (basic, list) with the desired number of months


Background image on your events

Display an image in your event background instead of a solid color!

Display a background image on your events

You can set the image in the activity settings.

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