Participate in Booking Activities’ and add-ons’ Beta tests

It is possible to get new versions of Booking Activities and its add-ons before their official release in order to test them on your development site. These pre-releases are called “beta“. You will be able to validate their proper functionning before making them live on your production site on their release date.


Receive beta versions

Beta versions are obtained in the same way as a classic updates of your plugins. Just agree to receive beta versions in settings.

  1. Install and activate the Licenses and Updates add-on (or update it if you already have it)
  2. Go to Booking Activities > Settings > “Licenses” tab
  3. In the “Release channel” option, choose “Beta”, and save changes
  4. Go to Dashboard > Updates, and click “Check again”

The beta versions of Booking Activities and its modules will simply appear in the plugins update list (if there are any available).

WARNING: Booking Activities and its add-ons are dependent on each other, you must update them all at the same time when several updates are offered to you.


Report the bugs

The purpose of these pre-releases is to collect your feedback on any problems encountered in order to fix them and eventually make a stable version for the official launch. To do this, we invite you to report the problems on GitHub or by email to

  1. Go to Booking Activities > Settings > “Licences” tab
  2. Click “Github” or the email address to write your bug report in the provided template

Otherwise, copy / paste and fill out this bug report template:

**Describe the bug**
A clear and concise description of what the bug is. Please be as descriptive as possible.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Go to "..."
2. Click on "...."
3. Scroll down to "...."
4. See error

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

**Expected behavior**
A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

**Isolating the problem (mark completed items with an [x]):**
- [ ] I have deactivated other plugins and confirmed this bug occurs when only Booking Activities, its add-ons, and WooCommerce are activated.
- [ ] This bug happens with the default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen.
- [ ] I can reproduce this bug consistently using the steps above.

**WordPress Environment**
Enter your version numbers below (e.g.: "WordPress 5.6").
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Licenses & Updates: 
Display Pack: 
Notification Pack: 
Prices and Credits: 
Advanced Forms: 
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