Booking Activities doesn’t work as it should

You have read the documentation, seen screenshots or watched a video of Booking Activities, and something doesn’t work as intended.
This may be due to a conflict with a plugin or with your theme.

Here is how to know what plugin is causing the issue:

  1. Deactivate all plugins except Booking Activities and its add-ons (and except WooCommerce if you use it)
  2. Reproduce the problem
  3. See if it works

If it works:

  1. Reactivate your plugins one by one
  2. Between each activation, reproduce the problem
  3. If the problem occurs after you activate a specific plugin, the conflict come from this plugin

If it doesn’t work:

  1. Download and activate Twenty Twenty-Three theme (WordPress basic theme)
  2. Reproduce the problem
  3. See if it works

If it works, the conflict come from your theme.
If it still doesn’t work, please contact us and give use these information:

  • The URL of the page where the problem occurs (if online and available)
  • Your WordPress, Booking Activities, and PHP versions