Can’t access admin panel after installing

This is probably due to a conflict with another plugin or with your theme.

First, let’s restore your WP admin access.

  1. Go to your WordPress installation directory
  2. Open wp-content directory
  3. Rename plugins directory to _plugins

Now you can access your admin panel.

  1. Go to your admin panel
  2. Rename the _plugins folder back to plugins
  3. On you website admin panel, go to “Plugins” tab

You will seee that all your plugins are deactivated.
Now we need to know where the conflict come from.

  1. Activate Booking Activities first
  2. Refresh the current page

If you have still access to your admin panel:

  1. Reactivate your plugins one by one
  2. Between each activation, refresh the current page
  3. If you loose access to your admin panel while activating a specific plugin, the conflict come from this plugin

If you are ejected from your admin panel:

  1. Re-do the first operation to access it again.
  2. Download and activate Twenty Twenty-Three theme (WordPress basic theme)
  3. Activate Booking Activities

If you can access to your admin panel, the conflict come from your theme.
If you are still ejected from you admin panel, please contact us and provide us these information:

  • Your WordPress, Booking Activities, and PHP versions