1.15.12 – 2023/05/04

  • Tweak – Add french translation for select2, more translation files can be added in wp-content/languages/select2
  • Tweak – Display existing options immediatly in select2 using AJAX
  • Fix – Display select2 loading during AJAX search
  • Fix – JS error when setting invalid date format in “Go to” date input
  • Fix – Remove max height limitation to group categories and groups of events in calendar editor
  • Fix – Add a delay when sorting activities, groups and cetegories to avoid undesired drags in calendar editor
  • Fix – Hide WC Payments Google Pay / Apple Pay buttons on “Activity” product pages (it is too early for Booking Activities)
  • Dev – Add not_in__status and not_in__payment_status filters to bookacti_get_bookings()
  • Lib – Update FullCalendar to 6.1.6