1.5.8 – 2018/09/28

  • Fix – Hidden fields were shown after hitting “Make a new booking” button
  • Fix – “Generate Password” option prevented the form to be sent (password field not focusable)
  • Fix – PHP error when updating a recurring event if the new range doesn’t include all booked occurences
  • Fix – WC orders bookings status were not change with WooCommerce < 3.0.0
  • Fix – Remove corrupted cart items bookings when they are removed from cart
  • Fix – Update auto refund process to WC 3.0+ way (kept backward compatibility)
  • Fix – Booking groups status stayed ‘in_cart’ if they were added to cart after a single booking
  • Dev – Add hooks to give control over WC cart item restored (when bound to a booking)
  • Dev – Add hooks to change notification data before they are sent or prevent them to be sent