1.8.3 – 2020/05/21

  • Tweak – Add the redirect_url parameter to the login shortcode to redirect to any page after login ([bookingactivities_login form=”” redirect_url=””])
  • Fix – {price} notification tag displayed price without tax
  • Fix – Send booking notification when an order item bound to bookings are manually refunded (if “Send when an order is refunded” option is active)
  • Fix – Check capabilities before listing / searching users in users selectboxes
  • Fix – Last occurence of repeated event of the interval may not be loaded
  • Fix – Products bound to group categories in calendar settings were not saved
  • Fix – “Unbind booked” feature didn’t create exceptions on booked occurences of the new event
  • Lib – Update FullCalendar to 3.10.2 and Moment JS to 2.25.3