Booking Activities 1.13 – Days off, extended repeat exceptions

Booking Activities 1.13 allows you to easily set up your leave periods at any moment.


Days off

Go to Booking Activities > Booking forms > your form > Calendar settings > Availability tab to find the “Days off” option.

Here you can set up date intervals during which no events will be bookable. These days will be grayed out and no events will be displayed on them.


Repeat exceptions

In the calendar editor, go to a repeated event settings to find out that the repeat exceptions dates have been replaced with date intervals. It makes it easier to prevent an event from being repeated during multiple days in a row.


Control when booking without account

When a user books without account (see this post), Booking Activities now verifies if an account exists for the provided email address. In that case, the user is not allowed to book and is invited to log in first.

Moreover, if a user who has previously made bookings without account creates an account, the previous bookings will be automatically attached to the new account if the provided email address is the same for the bookings and the account.

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