Booking Activities 1.9 – Multiple bookings, Cancel an event

The most requested feature in the history of Booking Activities is finally released in this new 1.9 version:
Your customers can now select multiple events at once on the calendar (see the demo).


Multiple bookings

You can activate this feature in the calendar settings of each of your booking forms.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Booking forms > your form
  • Click Calendar Settings > “Filters” tab
  • Turn ON the “Select multiple events” option

Now you will be able to select multiple events on the calendar of this form.

When submitting the form, bookings will be created independently of each other. A notification will be sent for each of them. Your customers will be able to cancel or reschedule them one by one.

If you are using WooCommerce, each reservation will be added to the cart in its own item. The cart items will be independent of each other, so your customer can edit each of them independently in the shopping cart.


Cancel an event

You now have the option of cancelling all bookings bound to an event when you delete it in the Calendar Editor.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar Editor
  • Go to the desired event settings
  • Click “Delete”
  • Turn ON the “Cancel bookings” option and click “Delete” again

If you want to delete an occurrence of a repeated event, don’t forget to unbind it before (“Unbind” button > Unbind selected).

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