Notification Pack 1.3 – Support more SMS providers

The Notification Pack add-on now supports dozens of SMS providers!

You can choose the one that suits you best in terms of price, service, support, location, features, scalability, etc. among: AllMySMS, Brevo (SendInBlue), ClickSend,, MessageBird, Octopush, PrimoTexto, SendPulse, Sinch, SMSEnvoi, SMSFactor, smsmode, Spot-Hit, Telesign, TextingHouse, Textlocal, Twilio, Vonage (Nexmo).

If you can’t find your favorite SMS provider, you can also configure your own curl request, making the Notification Pack add-on compatible with most SMS providers offering a REST API.


Select a preconfigured SMS provider

Simply choose the desired provider from a select box, and enter your API authentication keys.

The fields for entering the required keys will be displayed dynamically when you select the provider, so you know what credentials you need to enter. You will generally find this information easily from your SMS provider account.

Likewise, a link to the provider’s pricing is displayed to help you in your choice.


Configure another SMS provider

If the desired provider is not in the list but offers a REST API, you can configure it manually (except in special cases).

You may need technical knowledge or the help of your SMS provider to find the right documentation and analyze the code to fill in the fields correctly (docs).

Note that you can activate the “Debug mode” option to test your configuration. In this mode, the curl requests and their responses are logged in the wp-content/plugins/booking-activities/log/debug.log file. You may read here the error messages indicating what is not working.


Sending SMS via WhatsApp (Beta)

The following SMS providers allow you to send your SMS via WhatsApp: Brevo (SendInBlue),, MessageBird, SendPulse, TextLocal, Twilio, Vonage (Nexmo).

This requires configuration on your part to create a WhatsApp pro account and associate it with your SMS provider (consult your SMS provider’s documentation).

Once done, select “WhatsApp (beta)” in the “Channel” option (instead of “SMS”).
Note: as it is mentionned, this feature is currently in testing (beta) and may be subject to malfunctions. Please contact us at to confirm correct operation / report a malfunction with your SMS provider.


User notification preferences

The shortcode [bookingactivities_user_notification_settings] allows your customers to configure their notification preferences:

  • Enable/Disable SMS notifications
  • Enable/Disable reminder notifications
    • Concerns scheduled notifications, sent automatically x days before / after a reservation
  • Allow Push notifications from the current browser
    • Displayed only if the site and browser are compatible, and if the push notification settings are correctly configured

These settings are automatically displayed with WooCommerce on the My Account page > “Account Details” tab. You can set the fields to display in Booking Activities > Settings > WooCommerce tab > Notification settings in My Account.

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