Prices and credits 1.8 – Group discounts

The Prices and Credits add-on now allows you to set up group discounts!

Indeed, the price category feature has been enriched, you can define for each price category:

  • A minimum quantity
  • A maximum quantity
  • The number of people per group (the quantity will be a multiple of this number)
  • An option to select the number of groups rather than the number of people
  • Make the price category compulsory


Group discounts

These options allow you to offer discounts for groups made up of a variable or fixed number of people.

For a fixed number of people, for example a family of 4,

  • set the “In groups of” option to 4,
  • turn ON the “Select the number of groups” option.

In this case, the customers select the number of family of 4 they wishes to reserve, and not the number of people (but of course, the total number of places booked will be the number of people).

For a variable number of people, for example a group of 15 to 25 people,

  • set the “Min” option to 15 and “Max” to 25

In this case, the customers select the number of people in the group (between 15 and 25). If the clients wish to book for 38 people, they will have to make two separate bookings (a group of 23 and a group of 15 for example).

Note: Setting the “Min” option does not make the price category mandatory, customers can leave its quantity at 0. You can make the price category compulsory by turning ON the “Required” option.


Compatible with volume discounts

The price must always be defined per person. With the volume discounts feature, you can set exactly the price you want based on quantity.

For a family of 3 to 6 people (2 adults ($16/p) and 1 to 4 children ($10/p)), you can:

  • Either create 4 price categories with a fixed number of people:
    • “Family of 3”: “Per group of” = 3, Unit price from 1 = $14 ((16+16+10)/3)
    • “Family of 4”: “Per group of” = 4, Unit price from 1 = $13 ((16+16+10+10)/ 4)
    • “Family of 5”: “Per group of” = 5, Unit price from 1 = $12.4 ((16+16+10+10+10 )/5)
    • “Family of 6”: “Per group of” = 6, Unit price from 1 = $12 ((16+16+10+10+10 +10)/6)
  • Or create 1 price category with a variable number of people:
    • “Family from 3 to 6”: “Min” = 3, “Max” = 6, Unit price from 1 = $16, Unit price from 3 = $10

* This example is valid only if “Calculation of volume discounts” = “Cumulate unit prices” in Booking Activities > Settings > General tab.

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