Prices and Credits is a Booking Activities plugin allowing you to set specific prices or discounts on each event. These prices can be in cash or in credits. You will then be able to sell booking passes with a certain amount of credits and use them to make a reservation.


Targeted and visible special offers

Unlike traditional e-commerces, you sell activities. The date and time of your activities are both very important criteria for your clients. The same activity can sell a lot on certain time slots and few on others. But there is a third decisive factor: the price. With the Price and Credits add-on you can highlight your off-peak events displaying “-10%”, “-$10!”, or “$15!” directly over them.

Discounts are used everyday in a e-commerce. As an activity provider, you would rather target your bargains by event or by periods rather than applying them to the entire activity.

You will be able to choose between applying to your events:

  • a special price: $10 instead of $20
  • a currency discount: -$5 on the June 21st event (20 – 5 = $15)
  • a percentage discount: -10% on the July 14th event (20 – 10% = $18)


Set multiple price categories

It is possible to split the “Quantity” field into several fields, and ask for example the number of adults and number of children instead of an overall quantity.

You can create the categories of your choice (eg.: “Students”, “Senior”, “Amateur”, “Expert”, “VIP”, “Reduced fare”, etc.) and give them a different price. For example: “Adults” price = $20, “Children” price = $15. The price will be calculated and displayed in real time as the customer set the quantity.

The customer inputs the desired quantity for each price categories. The subtotal is displayed next to the field

If you use WooCommerce, quantities can also be changed in the shopping cart. The price of each category will be recalled.

Change the price categories quantities from the cart


Set up volume discounts

You can set a different price on each event, a different price for each price category, but this very price may also vary according to the quantity.
This allows you to create a sliding scale of prices, they will be automatically applied as the customer increases the quantity.

Set a different price according to the quantity

For example, an event can cost $20 at the normal rate, then $18 for a minimum quantity of 3, then $15 beyond 10 bookings.

Add as many steps as you need to offer pricing that meets your needs. Some examples :

  • 3rd place offered
  • $10 offered every 5 places
  • Half price for the 10th participant and beyond
  • Group rate: $15 between 5 and 10 participants, $13 beyond.

Finally, two calculation methods are available, either: “Cumulate unit prices,” or “Replace unit price”. In the following example:

Example: Basic price = $20, Price if quantity ≥ 3 = $15

If a customer reserves 5 places, he will not pay 20 x 5 = $100, but:

  • With the “Cumulate” method: 20 + 20 + 15 + 15 + 15 = $85
  • With the “Replace” method: 15 x 5 = $75


Pay with credits

Similarly, it is possible to put a price in credits on the events of your choice. Your customers will then be able to spend credits rather than real money to book these events.

Indeed, you can create booking passes containing a certain amount of credits on your dashboard, and sell them to your customers.
Each data can be manually changed at any time (remaining credit, total credits, expiry date, pass owner…).

Create booking passes, assign them to your customers, modify them at will

With WooCommerce, you can easily sell these passes on your online store along your other products.

It is even possible to sell credit refills to customers who already have an eligible pass.

You can create all kinds of passes, each with its own characteristics. A pass may be restricted to certain activities, certain calendars, certain groups of events, and certain booking forms. They also have a validity period and expire.

So you can perfectly sell two 100-credit passes at a different price depending on their characteristics.
It is also possible, for example, to use booking passes to give access to 10 events of your choice from a selection of activities.
Finally, you can make booking passes mandatory, or on the contrary forbid them on the booking forms of your choice.



Prices and Credits works only if Booking Activities is installed and activated.
You can use it with WooCommerce, the functionalities related to WooCommerce will be activated automatically.


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1.3.5 - 2019/09/24

  • Fix - Price category price displayed not properly refreshed after selecting an event
  • Fix - Notifications sent twice if paid by credits without woocommerce
  • Fix - Error while merging cart items paid with credits with WC 3.7+

1.3.4 - 2019/08/18

  • Fix - Allow to add booking pass templates managers even if they only have the permission to manage booking passes
  • Fix - Load scripts on \"product_variation\" screens (mostly to support Point of Sale add-on)
  • Dev - Replace PHP constant in text domain by a raw string

1.3.3 - 2019/07/02

  • Optimization - Fetch booking meta for user booking list only if specific columns are displayed
  • Fix - Remove booking pass meta from WC order item when deleting a booking and choosing the option to do so
  • Fix - Prices were not displayed on event right away if they were set to be loaded on page load
  • Fix - Primary data were not displayed in booking pass (template) list (on responsive views)

1.3.2 - 2019/06/06

  • Tweak - Allow to display price categories and booking pass columns in user booking list
  • Tweak - Allow administrators to ignore price checks while rescheduling a reservation
  • Fix - Price categories not displayed after WC order status update (and PHP warning)
  • Fix - PHP notice when booking a group without category price
  • Fix - Cannot reschedule if a WooCommerce coupon was used in order to pay the booking

1.3.1 - 2019/05/21

  • Fix - Cart item quantity can exceed event availability if changed with price categories

1.3.0 - 2019/05/10

  • See the friendly release note
  • Breaking change - Tweak - Activity discounts / Group category discounts are now applied on the total, not on the unit price
  • Feature - Set multiple categories of price (e.g.: adults, children, any custom category...)
  • Feature - Set prices based on the quantity (e.g.: -20% if quantity > 5)
  • Feature - Choose between two different calculation methods for volume discounts (cumulate, or replace unit prices)
  • Fix - Inconsistent amount of credits redeemed when merging cart items
  • Fix - 0 should be plural

1.2.5 - 2019/03/28

  • Optimization - Less queries to get metadata (to check prices and credits)
  • Fix - Calendar kept loading after booking on Internet Explorer
  • Fix - Couldn\'t buy a Booking Pass with WooCommerce if guest checkout option was disabled
  • Fix - The unit price was displayed in the user booking list instead of total if the booking was made without WC

1.2.4 - 2019/03/01

  • Feature - Booking Activities 1.7 \"Add a product to cart\" form action is fully supported with booking pass field
  • Tweak - You can set a price and a price in credits for the whole form (in form settings)
  • Tweak - Backend javascript and css files are loaded only on Booking Activities screens to avoid conflicts
  • Fix - The refund amount were not displayed in refund dialog for bookings made with WC
  • Fix - Do not save and display price value if the booking was paid with credits
  • Fix - PHP error while add capabilities to unknown roles
  • Fix - PHP error on booking pass (template) list if the booking pass (template) owner / author account has been deleted
  • Fix - Refactor WC code so it is not used when it is not activated

1.2.3 - 2018/11/29

  • Feature - Export bookings: Booking pass columns
  • Feature - Support {price} notification tag with both custom price and credits
  • Optimization - Less queries while displaying the booking list (admin side)
  • Fix - Possible incorrect formatting of booking passes and booking pass templates filters
  • Fix - Redeemed credits didn\'t take quantity into account when used without WooCommerce
  • Fix - The user must have or create an account to buy a booking pass with WooCommerce

1.2.2 - 2018/10/26

  • Fix - Booking pass selectbox options are grayed out even when they can be used
  • Fix - Possible PHP error while checking booking passes permission if they are not set

1.2.1 - 2018/10/11

  • Fix - PHP error while rescheduling
  • Fix - Booking Pass refund method was not translated
  • Fix - Price div now doesn\'t take into account the potential groups on reschedule calendar

1.2.0 - 2018/09/28

  • Tweak - \"Prices and Promotions\" becomes \"Prices and Credits\"
  • Feature - Create, configure and manage Booking Passes
  • Feature - Sell Booking Passes with WooCommerce
  • Feature - Redeem Booking Passes on your booking forms to pay your bookings with credits (with and without WooCommerce)
  • Fix - WooCommerce product price was not visually replaced on variations or if calendars were set to load after page loaded
  • Fix - Wrong WC product price displayed when the choose group of events dialog was opened
  • Fix - Change ABSPATH to WP_PLUGIN_DIR when possible (causes troubles with certain web hosts)
  • Fix - Wrong hook when unsetting roles and cap, and when WC is uninstalled

1.1.7 - 2018/09/01

  • Booking Activities 1.5.7 support

1.1.6 - 2018/06/30

  • Fix - Load on multisite

1.1.5 - 2018/05/05

  • Booking Activities 1.5.0 support

1.1.4 - 2018/02/07

  • Fix - Possibly missing events when rescheduling

1.1.3 - 2018/01/28

  • Booking Activities 1.3.0 support

1.1.2 - 2017/12/27

  • Booking Activities 1.2.2 support
  • Booking Activities Display Pack add-on 1.2.2 support
  • Optimization - JS and CSS files are now versioned to refresh cache only when it is necessary
  • Optimization - JS and CSS files are now minified
  • Fix - Incorrect price displayed in cart if woocommerce_before_calculate_totals was called twice

1.1.1 - 2017/09/12

  • Feature - Support new \"list\" views (available with Display Pack)
  • Fix - Wrong display when price was set to 0

1.1.0 - 2017/07/16

  • Booking Activities 1.1.0 support
  • Feature - Support groups of events and categories
  • Feature - You can set a price for a group of event or a category (in the same way as activities and events)

1.0.2 - 2017/05/13

  • Fix - Fixed auto update notifications still appears after update

1.0.1 - 2017/04/20

  • Fix - WooCommerce 3.0 supported and backward compatibility to WooCommerce 2.6
  • Fix - Fixed price format not updated when WC price format is used
  • Add - Added filters and js actions to allow third party developers to add price types
  • Tweak - \'bapap_get_event_price\' function returns false when price type is a discount but no initial / activity prices are set
  • Tweak - The plugin no longer deactivates itself when Booking Activities is deactivated
  • Security - Secured booking price when booking is made through shortcode\'s booking form

1.0 - 2017/02/22

  • Prices and Promotions at your service!