Booking Activities 1.1: Grouped events

A world of possibilities opens with Booking Activities 1.1!

Group your events

Big news, you can now group your events and sell them in bundles.

This will allow you to:

  • Sale events taking place over several days (eg. A seminar taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Divide or combine events (eg. An event where your customers can come in the morning or the afternoon, or full day)
  • Sell events combinations (eg. Your customers can book either Monday + Tuesday or Monday + Wednesday)
  • Sell promotional packs (eg. Discount if your customers book 3 predefined events instead of 1)
  • Sell subscriptions (eg. Your customers can book a course by unit, week and month)

To group events, it’s very simple, go to the planning editor and select two events (or more). An add-in icon appears in the “Groups of events” area. All you have to do then is to give your group a title. More information here.

Note that your events groups are classified into categories. It just lets you choose whether to display them on your site, just like activities.

For your customers the process remains very simple. When they click on an event, if grouped, all events in the group will be highlighted. If it belongs to several groups, or if the single event can be reserved, a dialog will ask him which group he wishes to select, simply.

On WooCommerce products administration pages, a new field appeared: “Group categories”. This is to select the category(ies) of groups that will be available on the product page. In order to increase Booking Activities flexibility, two options have been added:

  • Show only groups
  • Allow to book a grouped event alone

See the shotcodes equivalent parameters here.

Thus it becomes possible to:

  • Make available only groups of events of a certain category. If no category is selected, events can be booked alone.
  • Show only groups, not single events. Otherwise, groups and single events will be available.
  • Book a single event belonging to a group. Otherwise, a grouped event can only be reserved with its entire group.


Bind multiple calendars and activities to a product

Another new version 1.1 great novelty for WooCommerce users: you can now bind several calendars and activities to a product.

Again, this multiplies your possibilities.

  • Organize your calendars as you like (by staff member, by period, by type of activity …)
  • Sell multiple activities on the same product page
  • If you have grouped several events from different activities, they can all be displayed on the product page


And finally, four powerful options

In Booking Activities general settings, you will find four great options.

1. Load calendars during or after page loading

Choose “On page load” so that your calendars appear directly ready to use on your site. The page loading time will be however a little longer.

On the contrary, choose “After page load” to move the loading time of the calendars. Your page will be loaded faster but the calendars will not be present yet, a loading wheel will serve as visual feedback.

Optimizations were performed to reduce the loading time compared to previous versions.

2. New reservations default status

When a customer submits a booking form, must the booking be “Booked” or “Pending”?

It’s up to you.

3. Your working place timezone

No matter where your customer is located, now everything is related to YOUR timezone.

That is, events that are past according to your working place time will no longer be available regardless of the customer’s time. Similarly, your customers will no longer be able to reschedule or cancel a reservation if the time you have indicated is elapsed according to your timezone.

4. Date format in the event lists

You can define the format of the dates displayed in the list of selected events and in the grouped events lists. So you decide to view an abridged or full version of the dates. This customization field is compatible with multilingual sites, so the date format will be in agreement with the language of the site.

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