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Create groups of events

When you have created at least two events or occurrences on your calendar, you will be able to group them. Thus, your customer won’t book a single event but the whole group. Here is how to :

  • Select the desired events in calendar editor by checking the checkbox that appears when you mouseover the event.
  • Click on the “Create a group of events” button in the left sidebar
  • A dialog appears, give your group of events a title, and, if it is your first group, also name the category in which the event will be stored. If you have purchased the Prices and Credits add-on, you will be able to set a price or a discount amount on your group.
    • The group title can be viewed by every users, so choose something short and descriptive enough
    • As for the categories, you will be able to display or hide groups of certain categories on certain calendars later
  • Double check the summary event list
  • Click on dialog “OK” button

The group will come under its category in the “Groups of events” area on the left of the screen.

You can create as many groups and categories as you want. If you place an event in several groups, the user will have to choose which one to select from a dialog box.


Eventually you will want to change the events of the group or its settings:

  • Click on the name of the group, all the events of the group will be selected.
  • If you want to add or remove an event from the group, select / deselect it.
  • Then click the setting wheel of the group to open a dialog
  • Here you can change the name of the group, its category and its price (only with Prices and Credits add-on).
  • Check the grouped events list
  • Confirm by clicking on the “OK” button

Note that events will be automatically removed from groups if
– you change the event repetition frequency and one of the occurrences belongs to a group.
– you place an exception to the repetition on an instance belonging to a group.

The same goes for the group categories, click on their setting wheel to access a lot of availability options. Thanks to them, you will be able to make your groups of events private, to restrict the booking quantity, or make the groups available only for certain user roles… Everything is described in this blog post.


Finally, you can choose exhaustively what to display on your booking form. To do this, go to the calendar settings in the form editor. In the “Filters” tab, you can choose wich group categories are to be used on that form. You have also two additionnal parameters:

  • Groups only: Display only events belonging to a group
  • Book grouped events alone: Allow your customers to choose between the event alone and the group(s) to which it belongs.

Click on this links for more information and to keep following the tutorial: How to display a booking form on your frontend site

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