Order for Customers 1.2 – Book from the admin panel

Manually add a booking directly from the backend, with any booking form thanks to the Order for Customers add-on.
You can also create your WooCommerce orders from the backend and manually bind / unbind bookings to the order items.


Book from the backend

Press the “Add new” button above the booking list to manually make a reservation.

Book from the backend

You will be able to select any booking form and make a booking right away.

Book with any form

The booking will be automatically inserted in the list, ready for further manipulation.


Bind bookings to order items (WooCoomerce)

WooCommerce offers the possibility to create an order from the backend. Now you can also bind or unbind a booking to an order item at any time.

Bind / Unbind a booking to an order item

This means that you can make an order containing bookings from the backend from A to Z.

Read this documentation for more information.

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