Prices and Credits 1.3 – Price categories and Volume discounts

The price categories allow you for example to set an “adults” price and a “children” price on the same booking form.
As for the volume discounts, they give you the opportunity to change the unit price depending on the amount of reservations.

These new features are offered in Prices and Credits add-on without any additional cost.


Price categories

With Prices and Credits add-on, each event and group of events can have their own price, to offer highly targeted promotions.

With this new version 1.3, it is possible to set a different price per price category.
Create your own price categories, without limitations. E.g.: “Adults”, “Children”, “Students”, “VIP”, “Reduced rate”, “Expert”, “Amateur”…

Create as many price categories as you need

Then specify the desired price for each of them, on the desired events.

Set a price for each price categories

You will be able to define which price categories are available on each reservation form independently.

Define what price categories should be available on each booking form

The “Quantity” field will be replaced by several fields, one for each price category.
Your customers will only have to input the desired quantity for each of them. The subtotal will be displayed next to the field for a better shopping experience.

The customer inputs the desired quantity for each price categories. The subtotal is displayed next to the field.

With WooCommerce, you will be able to adjust the quantities of each category directly from the cart. The unit price of each category will be recalled.

Change the price categories quantities from the cart


Sliding scale of prices

When you set your prices, you can now add rows to define other prices and associate them with specific quantities.

Set a different price according to quantity

The same event can therefore cost $20 at the normal rate, and $15 if the quantity is greater than or equal to 3, for example.
The customer will see the subtotal fit as he increases the quantity.

Example: Basic price = $20, Price if quantity ≥ 3 = $15

There are two calculation methods: “Cumulate” and “Replace”.
In the previous example, if the customer increases the quantity to 5, he will not pay 20 x 5 = $100, but:

  • With the “Cumulate” calculation method: 20 + 20 + 15 + 15 + 15 = $85
  • With the “Replace” calculation method: 15 x 5 = $75
“Cumulate” calculation method: 20 +20 + 15 +15 +15 = $85
“Replace” calculation method: 5 x 15 = $75

Choose the one that suits you best!

Choose the most relevant volume discounts calculation method to you

Thanks to this system, you can offer several types of promotions, such as:

  • $10, and $8 from the 6th participant
  • -50% offered for the 4th participant
  • Second place at $35
  • Group rate: from 4 to 8 people = $20 / p., from 9 to 20 people = $18 / p.

Note that it is possible to define this type of promotion on the activity as a whole, and thus to cumulate them with another event targeted discount. For example: Second place at $35 AND -$10 on the event of June 21st!

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