The Advanced Forms add-on gives you full control over your booking forms. You can ask any kind of information to your customers, and even to each participant of the booked event. These data will be visible and can be changed without restriction in your reservation list. You can also use them in your notifications.


Set your custom fields

Text, number, file, checkboxes, radio buttons, date, time… all field types are supported. As a result, you can integrate with your reservation forms any useful field to your activity, for example: height, weight, digital copy of a document, free comment…

Add any kind of fields to request any kind of information

These fields are fully customizable: you can define the displayed texts, the field value(s), whether the field is mandatory, and whether the given value(s) should be visible by the customer. Other options may appear according to the field type.


Get data from each participant

For certain activities, you may need to gather specific information about each participant. The Advanced Forms add-on meets this need; you can display each custom fields for each participant. So when your client increases the quantity, a new set of fields appears. Each participant will have to fill in his own fields.

Request information from each participant

You can define the amount of participants per reserved unit. Indeed, one reserved place isn’t always equal to one participant.

WooCommerce users will be pleased to see that the data provided in the form are bound to the order item. In other words, your customers will be able to verify their data in their shopping cart and keep trace of them in their order summary.

Booking meta are also bound to the WooCommerce order item


View and change booking metadata

For each custom field created, the Advanced Forms add-on adds a column to the reservation list. You can find the field value in this column. You can see and edit all the custom fields values at once in another global column.

New columns in the booking list to see, edit and filter custom fields values

It is possible to add, modify and delete metadata to your reservations as you wish, including those made with a form with no custom fields. Similarly, you can add or delete participants and edit their data.

Finally, you will be able to filter the booking list by custom fields values. E.g.:
– If you have a “Country” field, you can display the bookings for which the customer has chosen “France” only;
– If you have a field “Hobbies” on each participant, you can display the bookings for which one of the participants has chosen “Football” only.


Use metadata in notifications

Finally, you can use several new tags in Booking Activities notifications to display the booking custom fields values.

To display the complete custom fields values list, use the global tag: {custom_fields}. If you need to display only one specific value, individual tags have been provided for each custom field: {field_field_name}. Similarly, you can display the fields values for each participant using the {participants} tag.

Display the custom fields values in your notifications



Advanced Forms is a Booking Activities add-on, so you will first need to install and activate Booking Activities plugin. Woocommerce-related features will automatically be activated when WooCommerce plugin will be installed and activated in conjunction with Booking Activities and Advanced Forms.

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1.0.4 - 2018/11/29

  • Feature - Export bookings: Custom fields columns
  • Optimization - Less queries while displaying the booking list (backend)
  • Tweak - Check BA option to delete all data before uninstall, in order to avoid accidental data deletion

1.0.3 - 2018/10/11

  • Fix - JS error when increasing quantity if a participant field doesn\'t have any fields

1.0.2 - 2018/09/28

  • Fix - jQuery error when participants field has no field to display
  • Fix - Duplicated WC order item meta when updating a booking custom field meta
  • Tweak - Reserve \'booking_pass\' field name

1.0.1 - 2018/08/19

  • Fix - Remove mbstring (PHP extension) dependency (use regex to check UTF8 if mbstring is not available)
  • Fix - All \"array\" order item meta were lost while updating a WC order (replaced serialize with json_encode)
  • Fix - Cannot add participant fields values on booking that were not made with a form having the \"Participants\" field
  • Fix - Participants fields values were not added in WC order item meta if they didn\'t already exist
  • Fix - Date and time fields values were not properly formatted
  • Fix - New custom fields were not dynamically added to \"Participants\" settings, you had to refresh the page

1.0.0 - 2018/06/30

  • Feature - Create and manage custom fields of any kind (text, textarea, checkbox(es), select, radio, file, email, password, tel, number, date, time, hidden)
  • Feature - Add your custom fields to your forms
  • Feature - Add custom fields for each participant
  • Feature - Display custom fields values in notifications
  • Feature - Display custom fields values on WooCommerce order item
  • Feature - Display and edit custom fields values in the booking list
  • Feature - Filter the booking list by custom fields values