Advanced Forms 1.1 – Custom fields for users data

The Advanced Forms add-on allows you to collect data for each booking.
But, if you wanted to know your customer’s height, you needed to ask him for each booking.

Now you can add custom fields to the “register” area of the booking form. The fields will only be displayed on registration, and the data will be associated to the user for his future bookings.


Custom fields on registration

Create your custom fields in the same way as before, but instead of adding them to the form, add them in the “User Data (Login / Registration)” field settings, “Fields” tab.

Display custom fields in the register area only

The fields will be displayed on the form if the user chooses “Create an account” or “Book without account”.

The given values will be properly displayed in the booking list and in the exports for each of the customer bookings.

You will be able to filter your booking list by custom field, if the data appears on the booking or on the customer, the booking will be displayed.

Finally, the WordPress’ export and erase personal data functions are supported.


Make changes in the user profile

Then, you will be able to edit the values given by the customer directly on his user profile. Similarly, you will have the possibility to add and remove any custom fields values, even if they are not integrated to a booking form.

Edit, add or remove custom fields in the user profile

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