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Add custom fields to your booking forms

After you installed the Advanced Forms add-on and activated its license, you will be able to create your own fields in your reservation forms.

First, go to the edit page of the desired form.

  • Go to “Booking Activities”, “Booking forms” submenu
  • Click on the desired form or create a new one

Now, you can create your new field:

  • Click the “Add a new field” icon () in the “Form editor” header
  • Click on the new button “Create a custom field” dans la boite de dialogue qui s’affiche

A new dialog appears where you can configure your field:

  • First, set the field type
    • Choose it according to the type of data you want to get (E.g.: “File” for a digital copy of a document, “Textarea” for a free comment, “Radio buttons” for “Mr.” / “Mrs.” / “Miss”, etc.)
  • Now, give it a unique name
    • It’s a short, unique, relevant identifier, only composed of alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). E.g.: Choose “hobbies” for a field “Pick your hobbies”, “id_card” for a field “Send a digital copy of your ID”.

The fields you can now fill depend on the selected field type.
In the “Text” tab, you will be able to set all the information surrounding the field:

  • Title: The title displayed on your form editor to identify the field
  • Label: Text displayed before the field to let the user know what is the expected information
  • Placeholder: Text displayed in transparency in the texts fields to show an answer example
  • Tooltip: Longer field description, displayed only when you mouse over
  • Hide value on frontend: Turn this option on to hide this field value on the public part of the site

In the “Values” tab, you can define the value(s) offered by the field:

  • Value: You can set the default field value, according to the field type
  • Options: For multiple-option fields (selectbox, radio buttons, checkboxes), you can set the value and the label of each option, and whether they should be selected by default
  • Required: Whether the user must fill this field
  • Multiple: The “File” and “Selectbox” field types can have one or several values
  • Min, Max and Step: The “Numbre”, “Date” and “Time” field types can have a minimum value, a maximum value and a specific increment interval

Once you have configured your field, validate the dialog by clicking on the “OK” button. Your new field has been added to the “Fields to insert” selectbox. You can now insert this field in the forms of your choice. To do this, proceed as for a classic field: select your field and click “OK”.

You can also change your field settings or even delete it completely.

  • Click the “Add a new field” icon () in the “Form editor” header
  • Select the custom field to edit / delete
  • New icons will show up ( and ) next to the selectbox
  • Click the desired icon
    • If you want to change the field settings, you will find that the field type and field name can not be changed.
    • If you want to delete the field, a dialog box will warn you that deleting this field will also delete all its occurrences in all the forms where you inserted it.

Finally, it is possible to display your custom fields for each participant of the activity instead of displaying them only once in the booking form.

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