Booking Activities 1.14 – WPML compatibility (multilingual sites)

Booking Activities has always been compatible with qTranslate-XT, a free multilingual plugin with many qualities.
It now also supports WPML, a paid multilingual plugin that needs no introduction.

For multilingual sites

If you simply want to translate Booking Activities into your language, you don’t need any plugin.

On the other hand, if you want your site to be available in multiple languages, you must use a multilingual plugin compatible with Booking Activities: qTranslate-XT or WPML.

Why should I choose a compatible plugin (qTranslate-XT or WPML)?
Multilingual plugins allow to switch from one language to another in one click, they automatically load the other plugins’ translation, if available. So, indeed, the texts integrated in the Booking Activities’ code will be natively translated, however, multilingual plugins cannot know about and translate the texts that you have entered by yourself, for example, your activities’ title. This is why an integration work is necessary. Currently only WPML and qTranslate-XT allow you to translate these custom texts.

Here are the detailed instructions to translate the texts you input in Booking Activities with WPML.

Translate with WPML

You will need WPML and its String Translation add-on.

Once installed and configured, translatable fields are marked with a blue border and a flag showing the language you must write in.

Once you have saved your custom texts in the default language, you can translate them:

  • Go to WPML > String Translation
  • In the “In domain:” option select “Booking Activities”
  • You’ll find all your custom texts in the table, click on the “add” icon () or “edit” icon () to translate them into the corresponding language
    • If you can’t find your text, just display it on the frontend, this is enough to register it in the table

You can also go to Booking Activities > Settings > General > “Search translatable texts” option: click on “Find and translate”, but this operation is resource intensive. It is recommended to use it to list all your strings once at the beginning, but afterwards, you’d rather display the new / modified texts on the frontend to register them.

After clicking this button, you will be redirected to the completed string translation table.

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