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Translate Booking Activities into my language

Booking Activities is fully translated into English and French. You can translate it into any another language, or customize an existing translation.

1. Check if the translation exists

You can check if Booking Activities is translated into your language here.
If the “Stable” column is green, then it is. If it’s red, then it’s not. In both cases, it can be partial.

= To translate the add-ons, ignore this step. =

2. Get the translation file

If the translation is not complete:
– Click on the row corresponding to your language,
– Click on “Stable (latest release)” in the table
– Click “export” at the bottom of the page with those parameters: “Only matching the filter” as “Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot)”
– You will get a .po file

If there is no translation (or if you want to start translating from scratch):
Download Booking Activities and extract the zip file
– Go to booking-activities\languages, you will see the booking-activities.pot file

= To translate the add-ons, you will find the .pot in add-on-folder\languages. For example: ba-display-pack\languages for the Display Pack add-on. =

3. Translate into your language

In order to translate the strings into your language:
– Download and install POEdit
– Open the .po or .pot file with POEdit
– For .pot files, click “Create a new translation” and select your language
– Start translating into your language

You are not forced to translate everything, a partial translation will work. You will be able to edit or to continue your translation later on.

Once you are done, when you save your translation, you get two files: a .po and a .mo file.
The .po is for you to use, to edit your translation. The .mo is for WordPress to use, to read the translations.
Give them those exact name and move them at this exact location:
– Replace xx_XX in the files name by your locale code (you can find your locale code here, simply mouseover your locale)

= For the add-ons, use this path template wp-content\languages\add-on-folder-name\ / .po. For example: wp-content\languages\ba-display-pack\ for Display Pack add-on .mo file. =

4. Switch your site language

Now, let’s make sure that your site is in your locale:

– Go to your website admin panel
– Go to Settings > General
– Set the “Site language” option to your locale
– If you have a cache plugin, a CDN or any caching tool, empty your site cache

5. Update your translation in the future

In the future, the original texts may change and there will be new texts to translate. You can update your files without losing your current translations.
– Open the .po file with POEdit
– Go to the “Translation” menu
– Click on “Update from a POT file”
– Select the up to date POT file
The new texts will appear as new rows, and the modified texts will be highlighted in orange.

6. Share your translation and make it official!

This step is optional but it is the most important.
If your translation is true to the original, please upload it here so that everyone will be able to benefit from it:
– Click on the row corresponding to your language,
– Click on “Stable (latest release)” in the table
– Click on “Import translations” at the bottom of the page (you need to be logged in to your account)
– Select your .po file and upload it

= For the add-ons translations, send us your .po at =

Translate the customizable strings

Booking Activities allows you to customize certain texts directly within the plugin. You will therefore need to translate these texts via their respective fields in:
– Booking Activities > Settings > Messages tab
– Booking Activities > Settings > Notifications tab > settings for each notification
– Booking Activities > Booking forms > your form > settings for each field
– Booking Activities > Calendar editor > settings for each activity and group
– etc.

About multilingual sites

If your site is available in multiple languages, you will need to repeat the steps above for each language.

Concerning the texts that you can manually input (e.g.: your activities’ title), you can translate them using one of the supported multilingual plugins: WPML or qTranslate-XT.

Follow the corresponding instructions in that docs:

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