Display Pack 1.5 – Various new features

Find the following new features in the Display Pack add-on version 1.5:

Direct “Book” button in event tooltip

You can use the new {submit_button} tag in your events’ tooltip (docs) to display a button that directly selects the event and submit the form.

If the event is part of multiple groups, a dialog will be displayed to select the desired group, and the customer will need to click the button again.


Display the “Waterfall” datepicker inline

Here is an option to display the datepicker directly with the “Waterfall” booking method, instead of displaying it in a popup after a first click.

You can find this option after setting the “Booking method” to “Waterfall”, in the booking form > Calendar settings > Display tab > “Datepicker display” = “Inline”.


Change the event text color

You could set your events background color, and even a background image, and now you can also pick a text color in the Calendar editor > in the activity settings > “Text color”.


Multiday events are displayed only once in “List” views

Fullcalendar, the calendar library used by Booking Activities, displays events once a day in the “list” views when they spread over several days.
Following your feedback, the Display Pack add-on now displays them only once, on their starting date.


Display only the first event of a group

On the same note, we have received multiple requests to not display each event of a group, but only the first one instead.
This is useful if you are selling a well-known series of events, and you only need the customer to select the first day, without overloading the calendar.

This option is available in the core plugin Booking Activities (1.15.19 or later), in the booking form > Calendar settings > Filters tab > “Show only first event of groups” (you first need to set a “Group category”).


Day Grid – Year view

And finally, the Day Grid – Year view is now selectable in booking form > Calendar settings > Calendar tab > “Initial view” and “Available views”.
It displays the twelve months of the year in a row in the Day Grid style. Pay attention to performance, loading events over 12 months can be resource-intensive.

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