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Set additional event information (tooltip)

Once you have created a calendar, you can set specific messages that will be displayed when the user clicks on an event, or when it hovers his mouse over it.


Set a specific message

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar editor
  • Go to the desired event (or activity, group of events, or category of groups) settings, “Text” tab
  • Set the desired text in the “Event info” field
    • Tip: You can use HTML tags, shortcodes, or specific tags such as {event_start}, {event_availability}, etc. (see the complete list in the field tooltip)
    • E.g.: Use this shortcode to display the event booking list: [bookingactivities_list event_id="{event_id}" event_start="{event_start_raw}" user_id="all" status="pending,booked,delivered" columns="customer_first_name,customer_last_name" per_page="99"]
    • Warning: If you use a shortcode, this will generate an AJAX request to your server each time it is displayed.

Now you will see this message on your booking forms when you select or when you mouse over the corresponding event.


Tooltip display

You can set the time before the tooltip is displayed to avoid unwanted appearances.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Settings > General
  • Set the minimum hover time (in milliseconds) in the “Tooltip display timeout (on mouseover)” option

You can completely disable the tooltip by setting this option to -1. In this case, the event information will not be displayed on mouseover, but only when the user selects the event.

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