Prices and Credits 1.6 – Booking passes availability period, display total price

Prices and Credits 1.6 comes with various additional features.


Booking passes availability period

You can now configure your booking pass templates to restrict the period when an event can be booked with it.

For example, if you want to make your booking pass valid for events starting up to one year after the purchase date, it is now possible.

You will find the “Events starting between” option in Booking Activities > Booking pass templates > your template. You can use

  • a relative number of days
    • E.g.: “Events starting between”: “0” days and “365” days after the purchase date
  • a PHP relative date format
    • E.g.: “Events starting between”: “now” and “first monday of next month” after the purchase date

Once the booking pass is created, you can change those dates for each booking pass in Booking Activities > Booking passes > your pass.

Do not get the “Expires in” and the “Events starting between” options mixed up. The first one makes your booking pass expire after n days, but you can book any events with it as long as the pass has not expired, including events starting after the pass expiry date. Use the second option to not allow customers to book events before / after a specific date.

Note that you can leave these options empty to make the pass valid for a lifetime.


Display the total price on the form

Booking Activities 1.12.4 includes a new “Total Price” field that you can add in your form. It is compatible with WooCommerce, Prices and Credits and Advanced Forms.

It displays a table recaping the selected items and their price, and the grand total.

Alternatively, it can be configured to display the grand total only.

It is particularly useful if you use the “Select multiple events” option, or paid custom fields with the Advanced Forms add-on, so your customers know the cost of they booking in a glimpse.

This feature comes with the ability to hide the price on the events and next to the fields, as it may no longer be relevant for you to display the price for one event on the events or on the fields. You’ll find the “Hide price” option in each field settings (in the “Display” tab for the calendar settings).

In addition, if an event is part of several groups with different prices, the price won’t be displayed on the event, you can display a customizable text instead in Booking Activities > Settings > Messages tab > option “Displayed on events when multiple groups with different price can be selected”.


Customize WC products displayed price

You can replace the displayed product price with any custom text, in Products > All products > your product > Product data > General tab > “Price to display” option.


New option to reload passes with WC

You could sell or reload a booking pass automatically with WooCommerce. You needed to create two distinct products (or variations) : one to sell a new booking pass, and another to reload an existing pass.

A third hybrid option has appeared: “Reload if exists, else create new“.

If the user is logged in and has booking passes, then the user will need to select a pass to reload it.
If the user is not logged in or has no booking passes, then the user will be able to add a new pass to cart to create it.

Note that a “All” option has appeared in the “Booking pass template” selectbox when you configure the product.
You can only select the booking pass templates that the product author is allowed to manage (docs).

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