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Display calendars on a WooCommerce product page

If you use WooCommerce, the next step after having created your booking form is to display it on your product pages.

  • Go to your product admin panel
  • Check the Activity checkbox. The virtual checkbox will be automatically checked because activities have same properties as virtual product. Also notice that an Activity tab has appeared.
  • Select the new Activity tab
  • Select the booking form you want to use
  • Click on the “Update” button to save your product data

Please note that Booking Activities also works with variable products! You can link a different booking form to each variation.

  • Create your variations
  • In each variation, select the Activity checkbox. Once again, the Virtual box will be automatically checked. A new Activity section appears.
  • Select the booking form you want to use
  • Click the “Update” button to save your variations data

Now on your product page in the frontend, a booking form with your available events calendar will be displayed. Your customers will have to select an event in order to add it to cart. Then a temporary booking is made until your customer places order. You can change cart expiration parameters in the plugin settings. They will find this booking on their order page or on the page where you display your customers’ bookings list.

As for you, you can see the bookings list on your admin panel.

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