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Add a product to cart, or redirect to a URL from a calendar

A reservation is made when you submit a booking form. This is the default behaviour.

You can change the form action and when it is triggered.

The default action is “Make a reservation”, you can change it to:

  • Make a reservation
  • Redirect the user to a specific URL
  • Redirect the user to a product page (with WooCommerce)
  • Add a product to cart (with WooCommerce)

This action is triggered when you submit the form by default. You can also trigger it:

  • When submitting the form
  • On event click (or when a group of events is selected)

You will be able to bind a URL / a product to each activity and group category, for each form.

For example, you will be able to display a global calendar on your site homepage that will either

  • redirect your customers to the desired event page
  • directly add the event product to cart without going through the product page

Note that if a booking form is on the redirect page, the desired event will be automatically selected, and the custom fields (created with Advanced Forms) will also be filled.

Here’s how to configure your booking forms action:

  • Go to Booking Activities > Booking Forms
  • Click on the desired form, or click on the “Add new” button to create a new one
  • Open the “Calendar” field settings
  • In the “Filters” tab, make sure you have selected the activities and group categories you want to display
  • In the “Actions” tab, select the form action from between
    • Default behavior (make a reservation to the submission)
    • Redirect to a URL
    • Redirect to a product page (this option only appears if you have WooCommerce)
    • Add product to cart (this option only appears if you have WooCommerce)
  • And choose when this action should be executed:
    • When the form is submitted
    • When an event is clicked
  • You will have a field for each activity and group category displayed on your calendar
  • Fill in these fields with their associated URL / product
  • Validate the dialog

Now, you can go to the page where you placed this form shortcode, and try it!

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