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Set up activities name and its unit name

When you create an activity you can set a lot of parameters. You can modify them anytime later by clicking on the wheel next to the activity.

Activities name are displayed on each events. You can change it in this way:

  • Go to calendar editor (Booking Activities / Calendars)
  • Click on the setting wheel next to the desired activity
  • In the General tab you can change the activity name
    • Tip: You can edit it for every languages of your website with QTranslate X
    • Note: After editing activity title, every event of the activity will be renamed if the event name has not been overriden.


You can override this title on each individual event :

  • Click on the desired event
  • In General tab of the dialog you can set a different name for your event. This name will be only applied to this event.
    • Tip: You can set this name in all languages supported by your website with QTranslate X


Activities also have units that can be displayed when your customer select an event (Ex: You selected 1 surf lesson for 5 persons).

  • Go to Terminology tab in activity settings dialog
    • Unit name singular / plural: input the unit name. When customers select an event, it will display something like “1 surf lesson”
      • Tip: You can set a different unit for every languages of your website with QTranslate X
    • Show unit in availability: show “10 surf lessons avail.” instead of “10 avail.” in events
    • Number of places per booking: if your booking is valid for several persons you should mention it here. So that it will display “1 surf lesson for 5 persons” for example

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