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Get data from each participant

If you have created your own custom fields, you can now display them for each participant of the activity. So instead of requesting an information once for the overall booking, the customer will need to fill that field for each participant.

First go to the edit page of the desired form:

  • Go to “Booking Activities”, “Booking forms” submenu
  • Click on the desired form or create a new one

Then, add the “Participants fields” field to your form:

  • Click the “Add a new field” icon () in the “Form editor” header
  • Select the “Participants fields” field
  • Click the “OK” button to validate the dialog

The field “Participants fields” has been added to your form. You can move it to the desired position by dragging it.
For now, the field is empty. You must now define which fields must be completed for each participant among those you have created.

  • Change “Participants fields” field settings ()
  • A dialog shows up. You can first set the label displayed above each field set
    • E.g.: “Participant #{nb}” will display “Participant #1”, “Participant #2”, etc. Similarly, “Pupil {nb}” will display “Pupil 1”, “Pupil 2”, etc.
  • Then select a field that must be filled by each participant and click “Add” next to the selectbox. The field is moved to another selectbox below.
  • Repeat for each desired field
    • Tip: the order in which you add your fields will be the order in which they will be displayed
  • Finally, you can choose how many field sets to add each time the amount increases by 1. E.g.: If the value is “3”, and the quantity is “2”, you will have to fill the fields for 6 participants.
    • Set it to “0” to use a different value depending on the activity. Then, this value must be set in the calendar editor, in the activity options, “Terminology” tab, in the “Number of places per booking” field.
  • Click on the “OK” button to apply changes

Your form now has fields for each participant. Whenever the quantity changes, the number of participants, and thus the number of fields to fill, changes as well.

Now, we invite you to discover how to view and change your users data.

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