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Create repeating events and add exceptions

To create a repeating event, you must create a single event first. Once this event is on your calendar:

  • Click on the event setting wheel (it appears when you mouseover the event), a dialog will appear
  • Go to Repetition tab
  • Set the repetition frequency: daily, weekly or monthly
    • Day: The event will be repeated everyday.
      Becareful! If you hide weekdays in calendar settings thanks to Display Pack add-on and set a daily repetition, events will be created for every days, including the hidden ones. To avoid this, choose a weekly repetition instead.
    • Week: Select the days of the week the event will repeat. For example, Monday to Friday.
    • Month: You can repeat the event on the same day each month (e.g.: on the 15th), or the same day of the week (e.g.: 2nd Tuesday). If the event is at the end of the month, you will have the option of repeating it on the last day of each month (e.g.: 31 Jan, 28 Feb…), or the last Monday / Tuesday / etc. of each month.
  • You can also skip days / weeks / months. For example: Repeat every
  • Set the start date and the end date of the repetition. The event will be repeated at the selected frequency only during this period

Now you may want to add some exceptions to this repetition.
In the repetition tab you can see an “Exceptions” area. Here you can set up a period when no events will be generated:

  • Set the start of the period in the field in the “From” column, and the end of the period in the field of the “To” column
  • Add a new period with the “+” icon, and delete any period with the “trash” icon next to it
    • Exceptions with overlapping dates will be merged.
    • Exceptions whose dates do not match the event’s repeat settings will be ignored.
  • Click on the OK button

Your repeated events are generated.

Same as single events, you can group occurences of your event.

If your calendar is complete and if you are using WooCommerce, don’t forget to bind products to activities to display the calendar on products page. If you don’t use it, you can display a booking form on your website simply by copying the shortcode on the form edit page and pasting it on any post / page you want.

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