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Place order with “pay later” gateway

The Pay later gateway is available at checkout for Operators (and other users who can order for customers). If you select it, your customer will find a link to pay the order in the confirmation email.

  • Add some products to your cart
  • Go to cart and click on Proceed to checkout button
  • Pick a customer in the “Order for” selectbox.
    • Tip: if there is no “Order for customer” selectbox, it means that you don’t have the order_for_customer capability. Click on this link to know how to Give access rights to your operators to order for your customers.
    • Tip: if the desired customer doesn’t appear in the list, you can create a new one by selecting New Customer.
  • Choose Pay later payment gateway
  • Click on the Place order button

Your customer will receive an email (that you can customize) including the payment link.

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