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Reschedule or refund a booking made with a pass

Your customers have made some bookings using their booking passes, but now, they want to reschedule them or to ask a refund? No worry, this is supported.

You will be able to reschedule an event booked with a booking pass only to an event having the same value in credits.

About the refund, a new refund method was set up to re-credit the booking pass.

  • Go to Booking Activities / Settings
  • Go to the “Cancellation” tab
  • Check the “Booking pass” box among the allowed refund methods
  • Save changes

Now, if a customer cancel a booking paid with credits, he will be able to ask a refund. The refund will be automatically processed: the pass is re-credited with the amount of credits paid for the booking.

If you don’t want your customers to be refunded by themselves, uncheck the box in Booking Activities settings. Administrators will still be allowed to do it from the booking list.

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