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Manage calendars and bookings global settings

Let’s now introduce the Booking Activities global settings. Go to Booking Activities settings page in Booking Activities > Settings:

  • Calendar timezone: You must indicate the time zone where your activity takes place. This avoids people from all over the world being able to book past events or, on the contrary, can not being able to see activities taking place in the near future.
  • Load the “Day” view if the calendar width is less than: Set the minimum calendar width to display the week view. Below, it will display the day view.
  • When to load events? During or after loading the page? If you choose “during”, your calendars will appear immediately on the page without additional loading, but the loading of your page will be a little longer. On the other hand, if you choose “after”, your page will load faster, but a loading wheel will appear where your calendars are until they are fully loaded.
  • Load events every: The events load interval allow you to optimize the loading time. You can set the amount of days to load in advance. For example you can load events every 30 days. Then, when you reach the 30th day, the next 30 days will be loaded.
  • Are started events bookable? You can authorize the customer to book an already started event.
  • Are started groups of events bookable? If one event in the group is passed, the entire group is unavailable. Unless you enable this option.
  • Default booking state: “Booked” or “Pending”. If you want your reservations to be directly “reserved” after sending the booking form, choose “Booked”. On the other hand, if you rather examine the application before validating it, prefer “Pending”.
  • Default payment status: “None”, “Due” or “Paid”. If you are waiting for a payment, choose “Due”, otherwise, “None”.
  • Allow private columns in frontend booking lists: not recommanded. If you turn this option on, you allow everybody to see your customers private data and to know who have booked what learn more
  • Delete data on uninstall: turn this option ON before uninstalling Booking Activities if you want to remove all data from your database (including but not limited to calendars, bookings, booking forms…)

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