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Manage and customize email notifications

When one of your customers book an event, or when he cancels or postpones an existing booking, you must be notified, don’t you? Likewise if you change your customer’s booking state or if you reschedule it, he has to know.
That is why Booking Activities features a complete and customizable notification system.

  • Go to the Booking Activities settings page (Booking Activities / Settings)
  • Go to “Notifications” tab

Here you can see the available notification list. You can fill the sender “Name” and “Email” fields to make sure your customers know who the email is from.
The “Asynchronous email” option make the loadings stay short. If you deactivate it, you will have to wait for the email to be sent, the loading will be longer. If you activate it, the email will be sent as a background task the next time any page of your site will be loaded.

  • Now click on the notification you want to change in the list.

A new page opens where you can customize the subject and the content of your notification. Indeed you can edit the email HTML code just like in any post, so you can make your email look exactly how you want.

It is also possible to totally disable the notification. If the email is sent to the administrator, vous will be able to change or add recipients email addresses.

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