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Create and manage your booking pass templates

You can allow your customers to redeem “booking passes” to book events that have a price in credits set up.

First, you need to create the booking pass templates you want to provide to your customers.

  • Go to Bookings Activities / Booking pass templates
  • Click on “Add New” button
  • Give your booking pass template a meaningful title (e.g.: “10-event coupon”). This will be your customers’ passes default name.
  • Give it a credits amount, it will be the initial balance.
  • Set a time before expiration (optional). This is the number of days following the purchase date during which the pass is valid. After that, it expires and becomes unusable.
  • Set an availability period for events (optional). Only events starting during this period can be booked with the pass.
  • Select the activities you want to restrict your pass to. If an activity is shared between multiple calendars, you can choose which one are allowed.
  • Similarly, pick the allowed group of categories.
  • Choose whether the booking pass’ owner should change when someone else use it with its code (if logged in)

Your pass template has now a title, an initial credit amount, a validity period, and is restricted to certain activities and group of categories. We will see later how to restrict this booking pass template to certain booking forms.

If you use WooCommerce, you can now sell your booking pass template on your shop.
Else, you can perfectly manually create your customers’ booking passes.

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