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Display a booking form or a calendar on the frontend

The next step after having built up your calendar is to display it on your website.

  • Go to the calendars editor
  • Pick the desired calendar
  • At the bottom of the page under your planning, click on the link to create a booking form from the current schedule

You are now on the form editor. Your calendar is in the “Calendar” field, alongside the “Login / Register”, “Quantity” and “Submit” fields.
You can customize all these fields by clicking on the settings wheel next to their name.
Delete all the fields but “Calendar” to display only the calendar.
You can also reorder them by dragging and dropping them to the desired position.

On this same page you will find the “How to integrate this form” area, explaining the following process:

  • Copy the shortcode given in this area
  • Go now on the post or the page where you want to display the calendar
  • Paste the shortcode wherever you want the post / page
  • Click on the update button to save your post / page data

Or, if you are using WooCommerce, go to this page.

Now on the post / page on your site, a booking form (or only a calendar) will be displayed. Your customers will be able to book the events displayed in one click, whether they are logged in or not.

Then, they will be able to view a summary of their bookings on the page where you have displayed user’s bookings list.

As for you, go see the bookings list on your admin panel. Choose whether to confirm or cancel pending reservations immediately, or upon receipt of payment, or when your customers come to you.

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