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Generate PDF vouchers (gift cards) from booking passes

After creating a booking pass, or selling it with WooCommerce, your customers will be able to download the PDF file of that pass.

Configure your PDF vouchers (gift cards)

  • Go to Booking Activities > Booking pass templates
  • Go to the desired booking pass template settings
  • Scroll down to the “PDF voucher” area

In order to generate PDF documents, you need to install a PHP library called “TCPDF” (you need to do that only once)

  • Click the “Install TCPDF” button, it will get installed automatically
If the install process happens to fail, you can manually download TCPDF and extract it in wp‑content/uploads/lib/. Just make sure to have this path in the end: wp‑content/uploads/lib/TCPDF-main/tcpdf.php

Now you can fully customize your PDF voucher:

  • Font: You can upload a .ttf file to change the font used in the PDF file
    • This is required for some languages such as Japanese, Chinese, etc.
    • See the languages supported by the default font in the “Sans” column here.
  • Logo: this image is displayed in the center of the voucher (the height should be a multiple of 55px)
  • Background image: this image is displayed in the background (the width should be a multiple of 595px)
  • Title: Set a custom title for the PDF voucher. The booking pass title is used by default.
  • URL to display: Enter the URL that the customer is invited to visit in order to redeem the pass.
  • Credits format: You can display the amounts of credits in different format:
    • 100: the amount is displayed without any unit
    • 100 credits: the amount and the unit are displayed (you can change the unit name in Booking Activities > Settings > Messages tab)
    • $100: the unit is replaced with your site currency (you can change the price format in Booking Activities > Settings > General tab, or in WooCommerce > Settings > General tab). Choose this option only if 1 credit = $1 on your website.
    • Custom format: a text field appears to let you set your own format. You can use the {credits_current} and {credits_total} tags.
  • Additional info: a free text that will be displayed at the bottom of the voucher
    • Numerous tags can be used here: {booking_pass_id}, {booking_pass_title}, {redeem_code}, {credits_current}, {credits_total}, {customer_id}, {customer_display_name}, {expiration_date}, {events_from}, {events_to}
  • Data to display: Select the data you want to display on the gift card. Click the “+” icon next to the field to select multiple values with CTRL+Click.
    • Booking pass ID (The booking pass ID will be displayed next to the title)
    • Booking pass title
    • Redeem code
    • Current credits
    • Total credits (if “Current credits” is not selected, it be displayed in its place)
    • Customer ID (The customer ID will be displayed next to the customer name)
    • Customer
    • Expiration date (if “Events starting between – To” is selected, only the closest date is displayed)
    • Events starting between – From
    • Events starting between – To (if “Expiration date” is selected, only the closest date is displayed)
    • Activities list
    • Group categories list

Since these options are in the booking pass templates settings, each booking pass template can look different.


Download PDF vouchers (gift cards)

You can download and print a physical version of your booking passes.

Your customers and you will find the download link in the booking pass lists

  • On the frontend: with the [bookingactivities_passes] shortcode > “Actions” column > Click “Download PDF voucher” (see the documentation)
  • On the backend: go to Booking Activities > Booking passes > mouseover the desired pass > Click “Download PDF voucher”

If you are selling booking passes with WooCommerce and if the order is complete, the download link will also be displayed in the order summary and in the WC notifications too.


Pass on a booking pass

Of course, you can give that PDF gift card (or the redeem code only) to someone else. That person will be able to use it on any form where redeem codes are allowed.

There is also an option that replaces the booking pass owner with the person who uses its code (if logged in).


  • Customer A purchases a booking pass, the booking pass belongs to Customer A.
  • Customer A gives the booking pass code to Customer B.
  • Customer B uses the code to make a booking.
    • If Customer B was logged in or has created an account while booking, Customer B becomes the booking pass’ new owner.
    • If Customer B was not logged in and has not created an account while booking, Customer A remains the booking pass’ owner.

Let’s see how to configure your form to allow booking passes and redeem codes.

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