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Add events on calendars

Now that your calendar and your activities are set up you want to fill the calendar with events.

  • Drag the activity of your choice over the calendar and drop it on the timeslot you want

That’s it! You’ve just created an event. You can easily move it afterwards:

  • Drag the event and drop it on another timeslot
    • Tip: If you press ALT key while dropping the event, it will be duplicated
  • An handle will appear when you mouse over (or long press on touch devices) an event on a “Week” view. You can pull it up or down to chang ethe event duration.

You can also change its settings or create repeating events from it:

  • Click on the event setting wheel that appears on mouseover and fill the dialog name, availability and price fields (only available with Prices and Credits add-on) with new values
  • In the Repetition tab you can set the repetition frequency, the repetition period and set exceptions for your holidays or public holidays
  • Click on the dialog OK button

If you want several events to be booked at the same time, it is possible to group your events.

Once your calendar is complete you want to display it as a booking form on your site. You will find at the bottom of the page a link to create a booking form from this schedule.

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