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Set specific recipients for each activity

Notifications aimed to administrators are sent by default to all the recipients specified in the “Recipient(s)” fields in the notification settings.

You can also set additional recipients according to the booked activity / group of events.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar editor
  • Go to the desired activity / group category settings
  • Go to the “Permissions” tab
  • Add the desired recipients in the “Admin notifications recipients” option
  • Validate the dialog

Each of these users need to log in to their account, fill in their email adress and phone number (in their profile), and accept to receive SMS and Push notifications in order to receive them.

Now you can define more precisely which notification(s) these users will receive.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Settings > Notifications
  • Go to the desired admin notification settings
  • Turn ON the “Send to activity recipient(s)” options (there is one option per medium: email, SMS, push)
  • Save changes

The admin notifications will now be sent to these new recipients only if they are related to a booking of the desired activity / group category.

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