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Cancel, reschedule and ask for a refund as a customer

As you can manage your bookings in the admin panel of your site, your customers can manage their bookings by their own from their bookings list. They can cancel and reschedule them or ask for a reimbursement if they cancel a booking paid on the website.

  • Go on the page where you have inserted the [bookingactivities_list] shortcode
  • If the booking was made with WooCommerce, you can also go to “My Account” on the frontend and then “Orders” page. Then click on the “View” button of the desired order
  • Depending on the booking state you can now click on
    • Cancel: cancel the booking, this action is irreversible
    • Reschedule: select an other date and time for your event. It must be same activity and same price.
    • Ask a refund: if the customer has paid on the website and then cancelled his booking, he can ask a refund with one of the three methods:
      • Email: send the refund request to the administrator by email
      • Coupon: generate a coupon code worth the paid price
      • Auto: refund immediately the customer via the gateway used for payment (if the gateway allows auto refund)

These actions are performed automatically, and it is up to you to decide what your customer are allowed to do in Booking Activities plugin settings.


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