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Manage cart expiration settings

If you use Booking Activities with Woocommerce, you must have displayed your calendars on your product pages. If so, you use Booking Activities cart expiration system. Let’s see where to configure it:

  • Go to Booking Activities settings (Booking Activities / Settings)
  • Click on Cart tab
  • Here you can input the desired expiration timeout (in minutes)
  • You can use a per-product expiration instead of a global cart expiration. So that bookings will expire one after the other.
  • You can also reset automatically the countdown every time the customer add a new product in cart or update its quantity
  • Finally you can choose to totally deactivate cart expiration. In that case, the events will be booked during checkout, and not when they are added to cart. So it is possible that an event gets unavaible between the time you added it to cart and the time you actually purchase it.

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