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Validate, cancel, reschedule and refund bookings on admin panel

You have displayed the desired bookings. Mouse over the icon in the “Actions” column of a booking row to see the actions you can do (they depend on booking state).

  • Change the booking status. Here is a description of every booking state:
    • Booked: paid online, or validated by an administrator
    • Pending1: booked but an administrator still have to validate it
    • Cancelled: cancelled by the customer or administrator
    • Ask for refund: cancelled booking, the customer want to get reimbursed
    • Refunded: cancelled booking that has been refunded

    If you are using Booking Activities with WooCommerce, three additionnal booking status appear, but you can’t select them here because they are purely transitory:

    • In cart: temporarily booked but the order has not been placed yet
      • Tip: if you deactivate the cart expiration in Booking Activities settings, in cart bookings won’t take a booked place anymore.
    • Expired: temporary booking which expired before placing order
    • Removed: temporary booking removed from cart by the customer
    • 1Pending: a booking is also “Pending” when the customer is paying through an online payment gateway

    The payment status can be changed regardless of the reservation status. Here are the three possible states:

    • No payment required: Vous n’attendez pas de paiement pour cette réservation.
    • Owed: The reservation must be paid and you have not received the money yet.
    • Paid: The reservation has been paid, you have collected the money.
  • Reschedule: you can change the booked event by an other of the same price, same activity but at a different time or on a different day.
  • Refund: you can trigger a refund if the customer has paid on the website and if the booking has been cancelled.
  • Delete : Delete the booking permanently. If you delete a booking group, all bookings of the group will be deleted. If you delete a reservation made with WooCommerce, you will have to decide the fate of the corresponding order item:
    • Do nothing : Leave it as is
    • Delete booking metadata: Only a normal product will remain, without any link to the booking.
    • Delete the complete item: it will be permanently deleted from the order as well.
  • View order: if the booking has been made with WooCommerce, this button redirect to the WooCommerce order page to see more details and perform more actions.

Also, clicking on the customer name will redirect to his user page.

Your customers also can performs some of these actions on their bookings. Click the link to know how.

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