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View and edit resource assignments

If you have allocated a resource to an activity and booked it, that resource should now be assigned to the booking.

Manage assigned resources

You can view and manage the assigned resources from the backend booking list:

  • Go to Booking Activities > Bookings
  • Find the desired booking in the list, and see the “Resources” column
    • If the “Resources” column doesn’t appear, go to the “Screen options” at the top right of the page and check the “Resources” box to display the corresponding column.
  • Mouseover the view button () to see quick a preview of the assigned resources, or click it to display them in a full view.
  • Click the edit button () to change the assigned resources or assign any new resources to the booking.
    • If you change or assign a new resource per event, it will appy to all the bookings of that event.

Filter bookings per resource

You can also filter the booking list and the booking calendar per resource:

  • Select the desired resource in the “Resources” filter at the top of the page
  • Click “Filter bookings” button
    • By default, the list is automatically filtered with each change.

Thanks to this filter, you can easily see the events that require a resource. In other words, if the resource is a person, select that person in the filter to see his / her personal schedule, and the associated bookings.


Export resources per booking

Finally, you can export the assigned resources when exporting the bookings (in CSV or iCal). Refer to this documentation (#1 and #4) to export the bookings.

You will find new columns that you can add in the export:

  • Resources“: Comma-separated list of all the resources assigned to the booking and the event, and their quantity
  • Booking resources“: Comma-separated list of the resources assigned to the booking only, and their quantity
  • Event resources“: Comma-separated list of the resources assigned to the event only, and their quantity
  • And one distinct column per resource: This column is filled with the corresponding resource assigned quantity, regardless whether it is assigned per booking or per event.

Note that the same columns are available for the frontend booking lists, see the available columns in this documentation.

Now let’s see how you can display the resource list in the notifications, or with a configurable shortcode.

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