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Define prices per price categories

You know how to define a price in cash or in credits for your events.
And now you want to set up price categories (“Adults”, “Children”, “Students”, “Seniors”, etc.) and set appropriate prices for each one.


Manage price categories

Let’s start by creating a price category:

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar Editor
  • Go to any event settings, “Price” tab
  • Click the “+” icon next to “Price categories”, a dialog will appear
  • Click the “Create a price category” button, a dialog will appear once more
  • Title: The price category’s title. Choose a short and relevant title. It will be used to refer to this category in narrow places.
  • Label: Text displayed before the quantity field. You can use HTML tags.
  • The following options allow you to create discounts for groups of people (e.g. a family of four, a group of 10 to 15 people, etc.) (more info)
    • Min: Minimum quantity per booking. This does not make the price category mandatory, customers can leave its quantity at 0.
    • Max: Maximum quantity per reservation. It is possible to exceed this number by making several separate reservations.
    • In groups of: increment. The quantity must be a multiple of this number.
    • Select the number of groups: multiply the quantity by the “By groups of” option value.
    • Required: Makes the price category mandatory for every booking. The customer will need to enter a quantity greater than or equal to 1 (or to the “Min” option value if applicable).
  • In the “Permissions” tab, you will find an option to define who is allowed to manage this price category
  • Validate the dialog

Your price category has been added to the dropdown in the second dialog box. Select it. You will then see two icons next to the selectbox: one to change the price category settings, the other to delete it.
Note that if you delete the price category, all prices associated with it will also be removed (from all events, activities, groups of events, and group categories).


Set a different price for each price category

Now that you have created your price category, you will want to set your event price for this category.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Calendar Editor
  • Go to the desired event (or activity, or group of events, or group category) settings, “Price” tab
  • Click the “+” icon next to “Price categories”, a dialog will appear
  • Select the desired price category in the dropdown
  • Validate the dialog

This will add a fieldset (with “Price” and “Credits” fields) specifically for this price category.

  • Enter the desired price in the field of the “Price” and / or “Credits” columns
  • Validate the dialog

You can add as many price categories as you need this way.


Show price category fields on the booking form

Now you need to decide which price categories will be available on which forms.

  • Go to Booking Activities > Booking Forms > your form
  • Go to the “Quantity / Price categories” field settings
  • Add the desired price categories
  • Validate the dialog

The quantity field is then replaced by several fields, one for each price category.
Once the form is displayed on your site, you will notice that the subtotal appears in front of the fields as the quantity increases.
If you use WooCommerce, you will also be able to change the quantity of each price category from the shopping cart.

You can also set up volume discounts for each of your price categories.

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