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Manage your bookings

If a calendar is diplayed on your product pages or if you provide a booking form, your customers will be able to book the bound activity. Then you want to find your bookings, here is how to display your booking list:

  • Go to the Booking Activities tab in admin panel and click on “Bookings”

The complete booking list is displayed by dates, the newer first. You have also access to a whole bunch of filters and features to easily find your bookings.

  • Select a calendar, an activity, a reservation status, a specific period and / or a particular customer
    • Tip: You can select multiple calendars, activities and booking status by pressing CTRL key when clicking on the desired value. On touch devices, you just have to click on a filter and check the desired boxes to make a multiple selection.
    • Tip: Likewise, you can cancel your selection by pressing the CTRL key when you click on a previously selected value. On touch devices, simply uncheck the box next to the currently active value.
    • Only allowed calendars are displayed. You can choose who can see what calendar’s bookings thanks to Booking Activities privilege management system.
    • If no value is selected for a filter, all reservations will be displayed.
    • Good to know: The filter by “Status” is stored.
  • The booking list is automatically filtered after each change

You can also visualize your booking on a calendar and filter the list by event or by group of events by clicking on one of them.

  • Click on the “Show Calendar” button to display the bookings calendar (if it is not already)
    • The events on the calendar are also filtered by the other filters.
  • Mouseover an event (long press on mobile) to instantly preview its bookings list in a tooltip
  • Click an event (and maybe choose one of its group) to filter the booking list. Only the selected (group of) event(s) bookings will be displayed.

You can customize the bookings calendar and the bookings preview:

  • Click the “settigns” icon next to the “Booking calendar” filter ()
  • Choose your display preferences such as:
    • Display the booking calendar by default
    • Filter the booking list automatically with each change
    • Display an instant preview of event bookings when you mouseover hover it
    • Define the columns of the bookings preview
    • Define your working hours to limit the height of the calendar
    • The Display Pack add-on offers more customization options
  • Validate the dialog, these settings are saved per user

The booking list is also customizable to allow you to get see needed information at a glance. You can easily see the customer’s name and contact info, the booking and payment status, the booking number, the event title…

  • Click on the « Screen options » mention on the top of the page
  • An options area appears, you can check or uncheck the columns to display
    • Tip: Changes are made in real time, look at the result directly on the list.
  • Also increase ou lower here the number of bookings to display per page in the list.
  • Click “Apply”

It is also possible to sort the list by column by clicking on its title. Click on the title once again to reverse the sorting order.

Now let’s take a look at the actions you can take on each of your bookings.They appear in the “Actions” column of the reservation list and may be different depending on their status or type. Learn how to perform actions on your bookings.

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