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Create and manage your customers’ booking passes

Whether you sell your booking passes with WooCommerce or not, you can create and manage your customers booking passes from the backend.

  • Go to Booking Activities / Booking passes
  • Here, you will find your customers’ booking pass list. Click the desired one, or click on the “Add new” button
  • Give it a name conscientiously. Your customers will identify them thanks to their name
  • Set the pass owner thanks to the user selectbox
  • Set the template from which this pass is issued. It will inherit its caracteristics: its restrictions of activities, group categories, calendars, and booking forms, and, in case of refill, its credits amount and its validity period. If you are creating a new pass, you will notice that the fields are filled automatically when you switch the pass template
  • Then, set its current credits balance and its total credits amount
  • Change its expiration date
  • And, you can deactivate the pass if you need it (in case of refund,…)
  • Publish / Update

For your customers, you can display the list of their booking passes thanks to a shortcode [bookingactivities_passes].

Now your customers only have to redeem their passes to make reservations.

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