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Sell your booking passes

After having set up your booking pass templates, you want to sell them on your WooCommerce shop.

You can configure a product as “Booking pass” and sell it in the exact same way as any other products.

  • Go to Products / Add New
  • In the “Product data” area, select “Simple Product” and check the “Booking pass” box, a “Booking pass” tab appears
    • Tip: The “Virtual” box is checked at the same time, it allows your passes to be created automatically when the order is paid. But you can uncheck it, then, the pass will wait for you to manually set the order as “Complete” to be created.
  • In the new “Booking pass” tab, choose among three selling options:
    • Create a new booking pass: If the customer purchases that product, a new booking pass will be created.
    • Reload an existing booking pass: If the customer purchases that product, the customer will need to select one of his / her booking passes, and it will be refilled.
    • Reload if exists, else create new: If the customer purchases that product, a new booking pass will be created if the customer doesn’t have any, or if he / she is not logged in. Else, his / her booking pass will be automatically reloaded.
  • Select the desired booking pass template. If you sell refills, only the selected pass template(s) will be allowed to be refilled
  • Then you can optionally set the amount of credits to be loaded on the pass, and the validity period. It will override the default values of the pass template
  • In the new “General” tab, set a price to your product
  • Publish your product

It is also possible to configure a variable product variation as a booking pass:

  • In the “Product data” area, select “Variable Product”
  • In the “Variations” tab, add a variation
  • In that variation settings, check the “Booking Pass” box, the booking pass-related fields will appear further down
  • Configure them as desired
  • Save changes

Go on your product page on the frontend. Now you can add it to cart.
The booking pass will be created / refilled as soon as the order gets paid.

Now that customers have booking passes, you can manage them on your backend and they can redeem them to make a booking.

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