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Manage cancel, reschedule and refund settings

By default your customers can automatically reschedule, cancel and ask a refund for their bookings. You can limit their abilities with some built-in options:

  • Go to Booking Activities tab and click on Settings
  • Click on Cancellation tab
  • Here you can allow or disallow users to cancel and reschedule their bookings
  • You can also set the minimum period before event to be able to cancel or reschedule bookings.
    • Ex: 7 days before event. Your customer won’t be allowed to cancel or reschedule his booking less than 7 days before the booked event.

Booking Activities comes with three automatic refund methods. You can choose to allow your customers to use them or not.

  • Email: send automatically a refund request to the administrator by email
  • Coupon: create a coupon code your customer can use to buy something else of the same price on your site
  • Auto refund: refund right away the customer via the payment gateway he used when he placed order (available if this gateway allows it)


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